Title :

The Inhibitory Effect of Capsaicin Derivative on Cancer Cell Proliferation

By :

Pongsathorn Chantham

Sivaporn Orrathaiwan

Advisor :

Pornthip Waiwut  

Keywords :

Capsaicin, Capsaicin derivative, Cancer, Colon cancer



Introduction: Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Cancer is the number one cause of death in Thailand. The treatment of cancer with chemotherapy in the present day has certain serious side effects. There are some cancer drugs that have been developed from the natural compound therefore this research is interested to study the effect of capsaicin and derivative (IC6) which structure related to Capsaicin but have difference in indole functional group on cancer cell proliferation. Objective: To study the effects of capsaicin and capsaicin derivatives on colon cancer cell (HT-29) proliferation and to study the mechanisms of actions of capsaicin derivative on cell cycle and apoptosis of colon cancer cell (HT-29). Methods: Cancer cells were prepared by culturing the colon cancer cells (HT-29), adding the test compound capsaicin and capsaicin derivative concentration 1, 10, 100 µM to study the cytotoxicity by measuring the percent cell viability then studied the effect of capsaicin derivative concentration 50, 100, 200 µM on morphology, cytotoxicity, study the expression of proteins in apoptosis pathway by western blot method and study the cell cycle of cancer cells (HT-29) by flow cytometry Results: The result shows that capsaicin derivative (IC6) and capsaicin can significantly induce the cancer cell death which Capsaicin derivative IC6 have higher effect compare with Capsaicin. The capsaicin derivative (IC6) can inhibit pp5, mcl-1 protein and can induce the expression of BAX, pJNK, caspase-3, pp38 protein and induce G1 phase arrest. Conclusions: Capsaicin derivative (IC6) and capsaicin can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells significantly and induce the apoptosis of cancer cell by interfere the signaling protien in the apoptosis pathway.


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