Title :

Evaluation of Using the Homeopathy as an Alternative Medicine for Personal Development and Empowerment of Personnel in Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Clinic at Sunpasitthiprasong Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani

By :

Panupong Chompoopuen

Sakpresong Wongwandee

Advisor :

Teeraporn Supapan

Chaisit Soontara

Jeerisuda Khumsikiew

Charuwan Thanawiroon 

Keywords :

Homoepathy, CIPP model, Working Performance, Happiness and Quality of life



The aim of this research is to evaluate of applying the homeopathy as an alternative medicine for personal development and empowerment of personnel in Thai traditional and alternative medicine clinic at Sunpasitthiprasong hospital, Ubon Ratchathani by CIPP medel. Method: This research is an evaluation research. Samples were 32 healthcare personnel form Thai traditional and alternative medicine clinic at Sunpasitthiprasong hospital. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics (e.g., frequency, percentage, mean), paired sample t-test, and content analysis.  Results: Context: The participants and the policy makers agreed that the principles and objectives of the activities were appropriated and correlated to personal development and empowerment. The satisfaction scores are at high to highest level. Input: The scores are at high level in aspects of the practitioner with adequate homeopathic skills and of the facilitation of activities. At moderate level in aspects of the sufficiency of the practitioners and the appropriation of counseling rooms. Process: The scores are at high level in aspects of channels for providing activity information/ activity details and of appropriate coordination. At moderate level in aspects of the length of counseling duration.  Product: After participation, the participants had a significantly higher average scores of the work performance and the happiness and quality of life (p-value <0.05). From the interview, it was found that homeopathy improves the physical aspect by alleviating deeper sleep and reducing pain. Improvement of mental aspect is more letting thing go, more relax, less stress, and more communication which clearly leads to better working environment. Every participant wish to continue homeopathic treatment due to being confident in the results. The satisfaction for the service is at high level. Conclusion: Homeopathy as an alternative medicine is capable to increase working performance through personal development and empowerment with statistical significance.

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