Title :

The effectiveness and satisfaction of a smoking cessation program by community pharmacist

By :

Karakot chaiyon

Anucha Nititham

Advisor :

Tuanthon Boonlue

 Saksit sripa

Prasitthichai Poonphol 

Keywords :

Effectiveness, Satisfaction, Smoking cessation program, Community pharmacist



Introduction: Community pharmacists play an important role in access service for smoking cessation and leading to quit smoking. Therefore, our study aims to assess the effectiveness and satisfaction of smoking cessation programs by community pharmacists. Method: Our study was experimental study in 23 people who were smokers at university drugstore. They were divided into using nortriptyline group and nicotine gum group by block randomization. Both groups received consulting and follow up by community pharmacists. The effectiveness measured by the amount of carbon monoxide, the number of cigarettes per day and adverse drug reactions in at 1st month of service. The questionnaire was developed for measurement of satisfaction. Reporting data was shown as frequency distribution, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The Chi-square test and T-test uses to compare proportion and mean at a 95% confidence level, respectively. Results: Subjects with carbon monoxide content <10 ppm increased by 33.33% in the nortriptyline group and 20.00% in the nicotine gum group (p = 0.582). The number of cigarettes smoked per day comparing the first day and 1st month of service decreased 10.92 ± 6.79 (p <0.001) in nortriptyline group and 11.18 ± 5.08 (p <0.001) in nicotine gum group. However, no significant differences between two groups (p = 0.917). The report of adverse drug reaction was found 75.00% and 27.27% in nortriptyline group and nicotine gum group, respectively (p = 0.022). The satisfaction of smoking cessation service of both groups was in good to excellent level. Conclusion: Nortriptyline and nicotine gum show similar in term of effectiveness and satisfaction in smoking cessation program by community pharmacist.

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